As a family we’re passionate about good food and it matters to us that we know where our food comes from, how it has been produced and that animals have been properly cared for. The provenance of the food we produce is very important to us and our customers and therefore we use our own and the best local ingredients we can source.

We manage our farm to high environmental, animal welfare and food safety standards. Our emphasis is very much on delicious, healthier and more naturally produced top quality products through our commitment to animal welfare, local suppliers and traceability. Our packaging is recyclable.

Guernsey cows originate from the island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands - they are also known as the Golden Guernsey due to their distinctively yellow cream and milk resulting from their ability to absorb high levels of betacarotene from the grass they eat.  They are a very gentle breed and it is hard to beat the taste of their luxurious golden cream and milk which is high in both calcium and protein but only 5% fat.

We love all our animals and their welfare is extremely important to us so they are reared in small groups outside or in light, airy buildings and fed a wholesome diet of grass and a GM free cereal based feed high in Omega 3. There is less competition in the small groups resulting in them living a happier, longer and more contented life.


Traditional Dairy Ice Cream & Sorbet

Traditional Somerset Apple Juice &  Cider

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