Ermie & Gertie’s delicious premium dairy ice cream is made by combining famously rich Guernsey milk and double cream with the best ingredients we can find, using local suppliers whenever possible.  We make what we believe ice cream should be – pure and simple ‘iced cream’ with a sumptuously smooth texture and delicious natural creamy taste. We only make our dairy ice cream in small batches so that its home made, artisan nature is preserved.

We use all natural ingredients - for example free range egg yolk, raw cane sugar, fresh fruit, traditionally made fudge and honeycomb, organic lemon curd made in Somerset.

We make many flavours – regular favourites such as Golden Guernsey Cream, Belgian Chocolate Chip, Lemon Curd, Stem Ginger, Coffee with Chocolate Coffee Beans and Honeycomb as well as seasonal specials such as Rhubarb Fool, Rhubarb & Stem Ginger, Gooseberry, Somerset Strawberry, Damson, Cinnamon; at Christmas time we make Somerset Cider Brandy which is a great alternative to traditional brandy butter. We also make Amaretto and Cointreau using the best quality liqueurs.

All our ice creams are available in 500ml tubs and selected flavours are also available in 110ml spoon in lid tubs. Larger catering sizes are available to order.

Click here to find out how we make our ice cream

Dairy Ice Cream

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