Sometimes we have grass-fed, well-hung humanely reared rose veal and beef available, but only from animals raised on our farm so the provenance of the meat and full traceability is assured. 

Our rose veal is from our Guernsey bull calves that have been humanely reared using the best possible welfare and husbandry. It is a sad but inevitable fact that bull calves are born into a dairy herd. Rather than send these bull calves to market where they are mixed with other animals they do not know, then taken half way across the country to be slaughtered or sent to Europe to be reared inhumanely, we would rather give our bull calves a happier, healthier and stress free life on our farm.

There is a huge difference between our rose veal and what most people traditionally think of as veal - veal imported from the continent where the meat is pure white which is achieved by keeping the calves crated and fed on a pure milk diet. It’s not a very happy life for the calves and a practice that is now banned in the UK.

Our rose veal comes from calves that are usually 6 to 8 months old resulting in the meat being something more akin to subtle beef, with darker meat and a more substantial flavour as a result of the grass and cereal diet, straw bedding and ability to move around and live a normal life.

We offer a range of veal cuts including escalopes, fillet, chops, prime mince and oxtail.

Because of the way we rear our meat, there is not a regular supply so please register your interest with us by phone or email so that we can let you know when we are going to have some available for delivery direct to your door.

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Quality Meat - direct from our farm

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