Our cider is 100% pure apple juice from traditional varieties of cider apples. The apples are pressed in the traditional way to produce a premium quality still farmhouse cider. It’s allowed to ferment naturally from the natural yeasts found on the apples and then finished in recently emptied oak whisky barrels or recently emptied wine barrels from Bordeaux. This results in a high quality full- bodied, refreshing, medium dry or dry cider which is slightly different from every barrel but extremely easy to drink!

Our cider is very popular at CAMRA festivals and we are proud to say that it has won several awards. The majority is sulphite free and unfiltered cider, but occasionally we do filter before bottling.

Available in 750ml bottles, 2.5lt flagons, 15lt manucubes, 20lt & 10 litre bag in boxes, or on draught.

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Traditional Somerset Cider

Email: info@ermieandgertie.com    
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